My name is Marina Zotova

I am a self-taught Russian artist who is passionate about creativity and ready to paint day and night. 

Today I devote a lot of time to painting. I put a piece of myself into every canvas and every brushstroke. I ”feel” each of my artwork and “see” the future picture – only by picking up a blank canvas and looking at it.

My passion is love for nature. My landscapes convey not only sunny and positive emotions. Sometimes it is sadness during a cloudy day, and sometimes it is a threat before a thunderstorm. But I love nature as it is – different, in different colors and moods, and in different weather. In any of its performances – it is perfect.

My followers often write to me that looking at my landscape, they seemed to have visited my painting, in the place that I painted. And I understand them. I also just came from there .

Despite the fact that I became an artist not so long ago, I already have achievements that I can share:

 – To date, my works are represented by the top online artgalleries, as Artfinder, SaatciArt and others.

 – My works are sold all over the world, the main buyer is from Europe, USA, Canada and Australia. And of course from Russia.

 – Recently, one of my first artwork “Gold Autumn” won a “1 Prize” diploma in the international competition “Deli’s Mustache”. I am invited to a live competition in Spain in May 2022. The organizers of the competition pay part of the trip for the winners. This is a great compliment for me.

 – In May 2021, my paintings are participating in the auction at the «Prichal Boat Show” festival in St. Petersburg.

 – From 25-29 August 2021 my paintings will be presented at the ARTBOX exhibition in Zurich, Switzerland. 

–  From 2021 my paintings can be found on the Global art marketplace Artfinder, one of the most popular art marketplaces for independent artists in Europe. 

– In 2021 my artworks were chosen by Australian home decor company  AJ Wallpapers, which will use my paintings to create home decor items (3D wallpapers, bed lines, rugs, etc.). 

–  In the August edition 2021 of the luxury UAE magazine Magzoid my award-winning artworks The Gold Autumn and The greatness of the Mountains were published and I’m really happy that my paintings are becoming recognized around the world.

– In 2021 I was invited by Australian Luxury Retailer Premizez to feature my paintings on their platform, where they offer not only artworks,  but luxury cars, wines, etc. 

– From 2021 everybody can order a high-quality copy of my artworks on AP-Global. 

– In 2021 I took part in the online International Art Exhibition “THE UNSEEN – The Art of Still-Life” hosted by The Art4you Gallery in the UAE.  I submitted my best paintings, such as Sweet Peaches, Sunny Grapes, Ripe Strawberry, and Juicy Cherry. 

– I was featured in Paris online Gallery Singulart to showcase my paintings. And I’m very proud that my profile is now in the 5% of the most viewed on the website.

– I’m a semifinalist of the ARTBOX.PROJECT Zurich 3.0 online art festival. The online event ended with an exhibition where everyone could see my paintings from August 25 to August 29 at the SWISSARTEXPO 2021 in the Zurich Main station on two large 55” 4K screens.  

– I took part in Rus Art Week 2021 online exhibition, organized by TagTac Magazine. 

– I participated in an exhibition at the W&P Gallery that took part in August 2021  in Moscow where I showed case  my five paintings.

-In September 2021 I held a personal exhibition at the awarding ceremony of the Russian Women’s Pharmaceutical club which was organised by the International Successful Women’s Club.

More about my achievements you can find out from the articles below.

I hope my main achievements are still ahead.

Nice to meet you!

I wish you a pleasant time on my site!