Marina Zotova to showcase her still-lives at Art4you Gallery in the UAE

Marina Zotova takes part in online “STILL LIFE” International Art Exhibition “THE UNSEEN – The Art of Still-Life” hosted by the Art4you Gallery in the UAE.

The exhibition showcases the best works of visual artists and photographers from around the world, including both 2D and 3D works, painting, sculpture, digital, printmaking, fiber, photography, graphic, mixed media, as well as experimental and installation works.

Marina Zotova submitted her best still life paintings, such as Sweet Peaches, Sunny Grapes, Ripe Strawberry and Juicy Cherry. 

“I am a self-taught artist who suddenly changed her life. During the quarantine I turned from business activity into creativity. Half a year later, my paintings are sold all over the world”, said Marina, adding that she devotes a lot of time to painting. 

“In my still lifes, I try to convey the magical imposition of light on fruits and berries. I am crazy about how grapes shine through in the sun and change their color to the opposite. Or how wet cherries become glossy in the sun – I really want to show all these details”.

​​20 artists from 10 countries have contributed to “THE UNSEEN – The Art of Still Life” at ART4You Gallery which is available virtually. The organisers describe still life as “a popular genre because the artist has total control over the subject of the painting, the lighting, and the context”.

“For this group exhibition, the still life art genre may appear simplistic; however, it frequently reveals a subtle insight into various cultures that are uniquely different from our own”, said the organisers of the show.

ART4You Gallery is dedicated to the cause of promoting and nurturing artists in the UAE and the region. Founded in 2009 in India by artist, art teacher, art activist and art curator – Jesno Jackson, it was initiated to bridge the gap between art and its young connoisseurs. In 2016 it launched in the UAE and shortly established itself into a leading art gallery community in the country. 


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