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Artist Marina Zotova is featured in luxury art magazine Magzoid

Magzoid, a luxury magazine in the creative space based in the UAE, featured artist Marina Zotova in their August edition. “When they contacted me to tell me I was featured in their magazine, I was pleasantly surprised by this news”, says Zotova.

The magazine published images of the award-winning paintings Gold Autumn and the Greatness of the Mountains, describing Zotova’s artworks as “speaking of love for nature”.

You can check the article in the August issue of Magzoid here.

MAGZOID is a Luxury Magazine in the Creative Space of the MENA region which is published online, but also has a print version. Alongside the art news and coverage of all the remarkable happenings in the art industry, this magazine also provides an opportunity to the artists, art galleries, consultants and curators to be featured in the magazine.


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