Listed among top-100 successful women in pharma, Marina Zotova remains an artist

Marina Zotova was listed among top 100 successful women in the pharmaceutical and medicine market for her leadership role at 10 MED Russian export company.

The prize by the International Successful Women’s Club was awarded on September 27. The event was organised by the Russian Women’s Pharmaceutical club. Marina Zotova won the Successful Business nomination.

On top of being awarded with a prize, Marina Zotova held a personal exhibition at the site of the event. “It is a big honour for an artist to have a personal exhibition”, said Zotova.

“It was an amazing experience to be among the top 100 successful women in the pharmaceutical and medicine market at the International Club of successful women of the United Nations! Even in the field of Medicine, my work and my path as an artist were noticed. It is a great compliment for me!” she wrote on her Instagram account.

The World Woman Club is an organization for business development of women-leaders that was established in Edinburgh, UK, by Olga Azarova. The goal of the organisation is to form the international community of women leaders as a force to influence the political and economic developments both on the national and global levels.

The Club exists in 14 countries and by the end of 2022 World Woman Club will be at least in 30 countries, with World Woman Magazine and global women events.


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