On World Water Day, Marina Zotova to donate three paintings to charity auction

Did you know that in 2019 an estimated 785 million people around the world lacked access to clean water? It’s twice the population of the United States, over 5 times the population of Russia, and almost half of the population of China.  

On World Water Day, March 22, Gravity Water is teaming up with 50 artists from around the world to spread awareness on this global issue. Marina Zotova is proud to be part of the artistic community invited by the NGO to take part in the charity auction.

From 25 to 100% of the revenue from each piece will go into creating special water filtering systems for school children and the communities in need.  

“I am proud to be part of this humanitarian project. I am grateful for the opportunity to help people through my art”, said Marina Zotova who has offered three pieces for the auction.  

Among the pieces are a quiet sunset landscape, Summer Evening, Mirror of Life, depicting a typical lake of Central Russia and a powerful marine landscape, Restless Ocean.

“Water has always been my greatest inspiration”, the artist added.  

Gravity Water is an NGO created in 2016. In areas with no access to clean water, it is contaminated with sewage or faecal waste and can cause typhoid, cholera or hepatitis outbreaks with children under the age of five facing the greatest risk.

According to Gravity Water, water pollution will continue to be the cause of death and suffering to millions of people around the globe without proper education, technological, and financial resources.​

The Artisan Auction is anonline eventthat takes place from March 1st to March 22nd. “I am pleased to be part of only a handful of artists selected for this auction from all over the world”, Zotova said.


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