Marina Zotova selected for “Artists in Focus, 2022” collection by Magzoid Magazine

Works by Marina Zotova were selected for “Artists in Focus, 2022” – a book, published by the UAE Magzoid Magazine to “celebrate and honour the extraordinary work of artists”.

“Featured are some of the trailblazers driving a change to take the world towards a better future”, says the preface to the book, collecting works of some 50 artists from different parts of the world “to showcase their incredible journey in the world of art” and “commemorating the 50 glorious years of the UAE”.

According to the publishers, the participants’ works represent Creativity, Unity, Innovation and Upliftment.  

“It’s really pleasant news for me, personally, and a big honour”, said Zotova.

You can see the book “Artists in Focus, 2022” and read about Marina Zotova’s work here.

Magzoid Magazine is an online magazine about the world of luxury and art in the MENA region (Middle East and North Africa). The magazine also covers topics such as business, fashion and design.


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