Between the skies, 50 х 50 cm


Original artwork
Matirials: Oil on stretched canvas
  • Width: 50 centimeters
  • Height: 50 centimeters
  • Depth: 1.5 centimeters
  • Year: 2021

This painting is about the evening summer sunset, on the shore of the lake. We see a distant forest illuminated by the sun, and swaying reeds in the foreground create a feeling of being on the shore.

I was inspired by my passion for fishing and summer memories when she painted this picture. At such moments, time slows down, and you seem to find yourself between two heavens that envelop you with their beauty and tranquility. These are the best moments for meditation and immersion in oneself and in nature.

The painting is painted in oil on a round stretched canvas.

Delivery information.

We carefully pack the painting and prepare all the necessary documents for delivery, including the certificate of authenticity.

More details about the purchase and delivery of the painting – in the “Delivery” section on the website.


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