Breathe of Autumn, 80 х 60 cm


Original artwork
Matirials: Oil on stretched canvas
  • Width: 80 centimeters
  • Height: 60 centimeters
  • Depth: 2 centimeters
  • Year: 2021

The special charm of autumn is that it is beautiful, colorful and a little sad at the same time.

This painting shows a quiet, cloudy autumn evening. The sky is covered with gray clouds, but the last rays of the sun still illuminate the bright yellow trees.

The air is cool and transparent .. but the soul becomes warm looking at the orange, red and yellow crowns of trees.

It seems just yesterday it was summer.  But soon the foliage will fall .. And winter will knock on the door.

Delivery information.

We carefully pack the painting and prepare all the necessary documents for delivery, including the certificate of authenticity.

More details about the purchase and delivery of the painting – in the “Delivery” section on the website.


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