Island of hope, 90 х 75 cm


Original artwork
Matirials: Oil on stretched canvas
  • Width: 90 centimeters
  • Height: 75 centimeters
  • Depth: 2 centimeters
  • Year: 2021

The gray low sky, which is reflected in the water surface, creates a dreary, heavy mood. However, the trees on the island are illuminated by a rare ray of sun, which embodies hope and faith in a bright future.

The painting is decorated with gold potal and textured paste. The lower part of the painting has a relief, which gives volume and depth to the painting.

Delivery information.

We carefully pack the painting and prepare all the necessary documents for delivery, including the certificate of authenticity.

More details about the purchase and delivery of the painting – in the “Delivery” section on the website.


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