Zotova showed five paintings at the W&P Gallery Gallery in Moscow

Marina Zotova participated in an exhibition at the W&P Gallery Gallery in Moscow from 30 August to 5 September. 

The exhibition featured works in oil, acrylic and tempera by 20 contemporary artists. Zotova showcased five of her works. “It was really nice to return to an offline event after the pandemics”, she said.

“It’s always nice to talk to like-minded people, visitors and artists, and to be able to exchange experiences in person.”

W&P stands for “want and paint”. According to organizers, W&P Gallery is the first open gallery in Russia for free artists and photographers of all professional levels. 

The gallery hosts exhibitions of painting, drawing, illustration, photography, as well as semipersonal and solo exhibitions, allowing the artists to show and sell their creations. “Our venue gives the viewer an insight into what is happening with the art market in Russia today,” say the organisers. 


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