Not Alone, 50 х 40 cm


Original artwork
Matirials: Oil on stretched canvas
  • Width: 50 centimeters
  • Height: 40 centimeters
  • Depth: 2 centimeters
  • Year: 2022

This is an oil painting on canvas.

The picture shows a girl who has a lonely and sad look. She yearns for the man she can’t see. But she always feels him.

He stands behind her and she can feel his breath.

When you look at the picture from afar, you see her shadow behind the girl.  but when you come closer – you see the face of a man.

The artist was inspired to painted this picture by the beauty and colority of African American girls.  And also it was an idea to show an unusual love on the painting  (before the holiday of February 14.)

The artist used paints and thinner, as well as a black primed stretched canvas.

Delivery information.

We carefully pack the painting and prepare all the necessary documents for delivery, including the certificate of authenticity.

More details about the purchase and delivery of the painting – in the “Delivery” section on the website.


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