Marina Zotova’s “Golden Autumn” wins the international online contest “Dali’s Mustache”

Marina Zotova’s “Golden Autumn” has won the “I Prize” in the international online contest “Dali’s Mustache” in the Art category for contestants over 25 years old. The artist has been invited to showcase her work at the festival that will take place in Spain’s Costa Brava in May 2022.

The jury deemed “Golden Autumn” “a beautiful autumn landscape”. 

“The author used bright, warm colours. Red and orange transitions and the blue sky reflected in the water express the mood and the state of nature. The artist successfully experiments with painting techniques. We advise the artist to improve their drawing techniques, improve their skills and maintain their individuality”, they said.  

“It is a great compliment for me”, responded Zotova to receiving the “Dali’s Mustache” “I Prize”. 

The painting depicts a typical Russian autumn landscape. The trees and the golden domes of a white church seem undisturbed, standing tall at the bank of a river. But as the spectator looks down, they notice that the perfect image is distorted by the brisk waves as red, brown and yellow leaves float down the stream, suggesting windy weather. 

The Russian self-taught artist describes herself as “passionate about creativity and ready to paint day and night”.  Sold all over the world, her artworks are featured in the top online galleries, such as Artfinder, SaatciArt and others.

Through her paintings Zotova expresses her love for nature, which can be “sunny and positive”, but at times melancholic or menacing. “I love nature as it is – different, in different colors and moods, and in different weather”, says Zotova. 

“It is perfect”.

“Dali’s Mustache” is an international online competition for applied and decorative arts, design and photography. The event, which allows its participants to sell their work,  is sponsored by the jewelry brand “Giverola”. Hundreds of thousands of people from all over the world visit the event’s website each year.


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